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Eugen Iancu

Departamentul de Automatica, Electronica si Mecatronica
Cabinet: G103
Tel: 0251 - 435.724/130


      Mr. Eugen-Petrisor Iancu is a Professor Ph.D. at the University of Craiova, Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics. Fields of competence:

  • Diagnosis and monitoring of automated systems,
  • Data transmission theory,
  • Modeling and simulation of physiological systems.
      He is a graduate in Electrical Engineering at the University of Craiova with the title of engineer in 1980 in the specialization Automation and computers. He obtained his Ph.D. in 1997 in the field of Automatic control. The thesis’s title was Systems Analysis and synthesis of linear systems to detect faults with applications to automatic stability aircraft, and was coordinated by Prof. Dr. Eng Nicolae Spranceana from the University Politehnica Bucharest.
      He is currently teaching at the Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics the following courses:
  • Data transmission (license)
  • Decision and estimation in processing information (license)
  • Techniques for diagnosis and decision (license)
  • Systems and communication networks (master)
  • Medical Information Systems (Masters)
      His research is focused on these areas:
  • Data transmission theory
  • Fault detection and location. Analytical redundancy.
  • Automatic monitoring and diagnosis of patients.
      He is author or co-author of 5 books and 2 textbooks. He has patented along with two others:
  • Digital circuit for adding the two frequencies, patent no. 99660/1987
  • Digital circuit for the lower number of two frequencies, patent no. 99662/1987
      He has numerous participations as a specialist member in contest committees as well as in PhD awarding comitees. He has reviewed numerous articles and scientific papers and was nominated to be part of Program committees of numerous national and international conferences, performing tasks as a chair or co-chair. He is a CNCSIS evaluator.
He has participated in the accomplishing of over 30 national and international projects as a director or researcher. He is the author or co-author of over:
  • 90 scientifical papers presented at international conferences
  • 40 scientifical papers presented at national conferences
  • 13 scientifical papers published in international issues with redactional refferences and editorial boarding
  • 28 scientifical papers published in national issues
      He is a member of the following scientifical or professional societies:
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - IEEE Control Systems Society. Starting with February 1st 2004 he is vice-chairman at The Control Systems Society Chapter (CS023) as a part of IEEE Romania Section.
  • Romanian Society of Automation and Technical Informatics - SRAIT
  • Romanian Robotics Society - SRR

  • Tel. and fax: 0251438198
  • E-mail: Eugen.Iancu[at]automation[.]ucv[.]ro