Invited Sessions at ICSTCC 2016

Confirmed invited sessions of ICSTCC 2016:

  • Complex image processing for monitoring and diagnosis (code: n4r6h) - pdf;
  • Structures, algorithms, methods and applications in Artificial Intelligence (code: hhb34) - pdf;
  • Bioprocess modeling and control (code: v5744) - pdf;
  • Advanced Control for Real Time Applications (code: wfqj6) - pdf;
  • Towards the Automated Highway Systems (code: 5iu8v) - pdf.

How to propose an Invited Session

Proposals for INVITED SESSIONS in the scope of the conference are welcome.

A proposal for INVITED SESSION should contain the title of the session, a half page description of its theme, the name and affiliation of the organizers.

Proposals should be sent by May 16th, 2016 to the following e-mail address: icstcc2016[at]automation[dot]ucv[dot]ro.

The organizers of an accepted INVITED SESSIONS PROPOSAL will be informed in due time and afterwards, they will have to upload it at the following address: here.

To upload the accepted proposal for an Invited Session go to this link. and select the link "Submit a contribution to ICSTCC 2016". Next, on the submission page, follow the appropriate "Submit" link. Detailed instructions about the submission process can be found here.

After submission, the code of the invited session will be automatically sent to the proposer of the session by email. This code should be provided to all the authors that intend to submit a paper to the invited session.

To submit a proposal, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is needed for each coordinator. To find your own or someone else's PIN, to retrieve your password (if you have a PIN but no password), or to register a new PIN (if you never obtained a PIN before) go to this link.

The deadline for submitting proposals for INVITED SESSIONS is May 16th, 2016.

Note: Papers submitted for a special session will be treated in the same manner as the regular papers.