Topics of ICSTCC 2013

The topics include (but are not restricted to):

  • Automation and Robotics
    • Linear and Nonlinear Control System Design;
    • System Identification and Process Modelling;
    • Robust and Adaptive Control;
    • Robotics and Intelligent Control;
    • Applications & Case Studies in Automation & Robotics;
    • Embedded Systems;
    • Control Applications on Automotive, Biotechnology, Energy, etc.
  • Computer Science and Computer Engineering
    • Distributed Systems and Software Engineering;
    • Databases and Software Systems;
    • Web services, Internet Security;
    • Software Tools and Methods;
    • Cloud, Grid and High-Performance Computing;
    • Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Applications;
    • Computer Architecture.
  • Electronics and Instrumentation
    • Modelling, Simulation and CAD Tools;
    • Signal Processing and Communication Systems;
    • Linear and Nonlinear Circuits and Systems;
    • Evolutionary Electronics;
    • Sustainable Energy.