ISSN: 1841-0626 CNCSIS code 11 category B+
    Semiannual publication
    Occasionally, conferences dedicated special issues may be published

Among the main objectives of the Faculty (School) of Automation, Computers and Electronics is promoting excellence in education and research in the fields of its expertise. The Annals of Craiova University, Automation, Computers, Electronics, Mechatronics is the School's main channel for the dissemination of important contributions in the field, besides the well established series of conferences SINTES. The aim of the Annals is to publish high quality papers on the theory and practice of the engineering topics that is covering.

The scope of the Journal will be wide and cover all aspects of the disciplines including methodologies, techniques and applications, as well as specific contributions concerning educational technologies that are connected to the fields.

Research in the fields of engineering above is necessary to develop new concepts and tools which enhance our understanding and improve our ability to design and implement high performance technological systems. Submitted papers should stress the practical motivations and relevance of their results.

Papers dealing with the interplay between various techniques will be particularly welcome.

Applications papers which emphasize methodology used, implementation and commissioning issues are strongly encouraged.

The Journal will also publish tutorial expositions and state-of-the-art reviews. Interested authors for this type of paper should first contact the Editor in Chief and submit an extended summary of approximately 2000 words.

Papers from any country in the world are welcome. All submitted papers should be written in English.